Marc Irwin’s jazz work spans a variety of styles in the genre from fluid, classically-influenced improvisational solo pieces to diverse ensemble collaborations. 



Artist-in-residence and solo pianist at the Betsy Hotel including the Overture To Overtown Jazz Festival

Solo piano performances at the Gateways Inn, Lenox MA

Solo piano concerts at An Die Musik, Baltimore, MD


The Marc Irwin Quintet at the West Side Community Garden "Music In A Garden" Concert Series, New York City with Vinnie Della Rocca on reeds, Bud Burridge on trumpet/flugel, Dick Sarpola on bass, Warren Odze on drums

Urban Energy at Cafe Vivaldi in Greenwich Village with Marty Confurius on bass and Don Mulvaney on drums/vocals

Handmade Music at Germano's with Barry Heimowitz on guitar and Maeve Royce on bass

Crossings at NYC venues with Dan Carillo on guitar


Solo Piano WorkS

Solo piano performances and compositions. Hear more at Marc’s Soundcloud page


MIQ: The Marc Irwin Quintet

  • Marc Irwin - keyboards, composer, arranger, producer
  • Vinnie Della-Rocca - flute, alto flute, tenor saxophone
  •  Bud Burridge - trumpet, flugel horn
  •  Dick Sarpola - Bass
  •  Warren Odze - Drums


Urban Energy,  Three of a Kind

Urban Energy, Three of a Kind

Trio work:  Marc Irwin (piano), Marty Confurius (bass, cello), Don Mulvaney (drums, vocals).  Released 2014.

Handmade Music, 2010

Handmade Music, 2010

Duo collaboration with guitarist Barry Heimowitz. Released 2010